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Featuring the criticism of Tonya Harding, Danny Bonaduce and the rest of our cast.Master thespians turn against their own kind as they boo and jeer the dumbest performers on the planet.Karl and Steve return with some serious talk about being joyful in life.The shenanigans do take place though as Steve shows Karl the six layer milk soaked cereal cake, of course Batman gets brought up, and Karl gives Steve some help with online dating.What was Steve doing at at night in the middle of nowhere?Who was that girl at Wal-Mart in the electronics section? All will be revealed…mostly…on This episode of […] Read more Karl and Steve are back!Plus, you don't want to miss this week's Money Clip!Watch what happens when two guys pull ten thousand dollars out of people's hair!

Find out how a little eye makeup can help you pull off a prank that's both hilarious and scary, and watch things go downhill in a hurry when people try to back that thing up!

Edmonton Dating I have a dating blog that offers advice to men and women.

Every week I post my "Date of the Week" for Edmonton, which outlines the best dates around the City.

I always had my list of places I would take girls on dates.

One of my favourite dates was The Billiard Club to play pool. Because pool allows you to do several things you couldn’t do sitting in a dark movie theatre or having dinner together.

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