Who is song seung heon dating

Song Seung and Yifei were recently seen at a charity event in Beijing. Dressed in monochrome, Liu looked dazzling while Seung Hun was dressed in a classic evening suit for the black tie event.

QQ: Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei revealed to have broken up, netizens believe that their relationship is for media play It's said that Song Seung Hun was the one who suggested to break up, apparently he has said: "I can't bring her happiness." 1. But, from the women's perspective, they might not think that they're at a disadvantage, haven't they also played with the men's feelings......

In August, Song Seung Hun, Liu Yifei and her friends celebrated her 29th birthday.

His new drama Saimdang: Light's Diary, in which Lee Young Ae also stars, premieres January 2017.

My most modest dream is to form a family and be with my wife and kids whom I love." His fans, who were admittedly wooed by the actor's honest admission, asked him about his relationship with Chinese actress Liu Yifei.

The "Wonderful Nightmare" actor said that he cherishes his relationship with Liu, but the two haven't laid down concrete plans for the future, reported Allkpop.

I thoroughly enjoy harmless speculation about the love lives of adult celebrities, especially when marriage watch is on and every few months there’s a new update of sorts.

Even funnier is to see pundits on television gossiping like your neighborhood ahjummas, which was the case this week when an entertainment news show in Korea discussed cross-border celebrity couple C-actress Crystal Liu and K-actor Song Seung Heon‘s two year and ongoing relationship.

is taking a gamble on performance quality but will be guaranteed visual excellence returns no matter what.Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei confirmed dating in August 2015.They were drawn to each other while filming The Third Way of Love, a Chinese romance film.Rumors had been circulating last year that the cross-border couple had broken up but Song Seung Heon revealed during the promos for Saimdang and they are still together and going strong after two years.Whatever language they use to communicate seems to be working just fine.

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