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What I am wanting to do is have excel insert a static date automatically.I know ctrl : inserts date and ctrl shft ; inserts time. The now() and today() functions auto update the date.I dont want the date auto updated when the file is reopened after it is saved.The file is a template so I guess what I am really wanting is a automatic date/time stamp when the user saves the file so when it is emailed and reopened the date does not auto update. Hope that Helps Roy New users should read the Forum Rules before posting For free Excel tools & articles visit my web site If I have helped you and you feel like putting your hand in your pocket please make a donation to Children in Need Roy UK's Web Site roy UK's Database Form Where to paste code from the Forum About me.Each time the worksheet is recalculated or opened, the date and time will be updated.To display only the time component, format the cell using a time format.A function's syntax refers to the layout of the function and includes the function's name, brackets, comma separators, and arguments.The syntax for the TODAY function is: The function does not have any arguments that can be set manually.

The date and time will update whenever the worksheet is recalculated or opened.Normally, worksheets recalculate each time they are opened so every day that the worksheet is opened the date will change unless automatic recalculation is turned off.To prevent having the date change each time a worksheet using automatic recalculation is opened, try using this keyboard shortcut to enter the current date instead.The first is to manually enter a time by selecting the adjacent cell in column B and pressing Ctrl Shift ; (that's the semicolon). The problem with this approach, of course, is that it isn't automatic and it takes some extra movement and keystrokes to implement. I want the code to auto-populate the date in a linear number format and then add a tracking/claim number to the end.A better approach would be to use a formula to enter the time. Can it be formatted like this "02242017-01" with the "-01" increasing by column entry, i.e. Also, I need it to auto-populate in the B column, when text is entered into the J column. Thanks, Mitch In the old version of Excel we can enter a date as day month year.

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