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For more information, see View Replicated Commands and Other Information in the Distribution Database (Replication Transact-SQL Programming) and View Information and Perform Tasks for the Agents Associated With a Subscription (Replication Monitor). COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL Is the version of SQL Server with which the database is to be made compatible.In 2015 SQL Database began support for level 130, although the default remained 120.Starting in mid-June 2016, in Azure SQL Database, the default compatibility level are 130 instead of 120 for newly created databases.I have a database running under Sql server 2005 with merge replication.I want to change some of the FK columns to be 'not null' as they should always have a value.TIA If you're going to become proficient with altering tables via script (which is a great idea, since it is source controllable, much more repeatable and far less error-prone than using the UI), I'd bookmark the ALTER TABLE topic in Books Online. TRY/CATCH wouldn't be a bad idea either, in case there are situations where the property can't be dropped.Be aware that producing a snapshot can be resource-intensive, so it is best to generate snapshots during periods of lower activity on the database (by default a snapshot is generated when you complete the New Publication Wizard).

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One aspect of that release was that newly created databases had their compatibility level set to 120.

You will also need to add the new column to your Publications.

Please note that changing a column in this manner can be detrimental to the performance of Replication.

Databases are set to this level unless the model database has a lower compatibility level.

The change for the row with article nickname 2336003 (test), rowguidcol could not be applied at the destination.

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