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“Here’s a guy who owns a billion dollar company, taking a cheap shot at her breasts.I’m literally standing there shocked,” Connor, who is a singer and songwriter, told Buzz Feed News.As a reporter, she also worked the University Magazine as well and also in some local newspapers as well.More recently the lady is working at the Australian popular Channel Nine and 9News Network as well.Of course, this is just another instance from decades of Trump saying horrific and insensitive things about women both in public and private.

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From Buzz Feed News: Then Trump said, “Ah, she wasn’t my first pick, but she slimmed down for the show.” Trump, Connor said, then added, “Hopefully she still has those big jugglers,” referring to Jones’ breasts.She was most recently featured in Vogue Italia's all-black issue.A contestant on the second season of the reality show “Donald Trump Presents: The Ultimate Merger” discussed the disparaging remarks the GOP candidate used in reference to the star Toccara Jones’ body.Toccara Jones was a contestant on America's Next Top Model Cycle 3.Although she didn't make it to the season's final episodes, she is one of few former ANTM contestants to have a legitimate modeling career post-show.

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