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Deciding where to live in London can be quite a headache for tenants, as there are 118 Inner London areas to choose from as well as many more Outer London and commutable home county areas.This page attempts to narrow down some of the best places to live in London and when you’ve chosen one, you can then look for a flatshare in your preferred area.Apologies to all if we’ve got it wrong but this is the best we can come up with.Some people put cones in the space they want to park in, and some don’t.If you had to pick, you might say that the non-coners, believing as they do in a world without borders, are probably the ones with the broadest vision. I must admit that when we first came home to find a cone in the nearest space to our house my reaction was more pragmatic.But then again, is it vision or is it hopeless idealism? ‘Put the Virgin Mary out there tomorrow morning and be done with it,’ I told the builder b, pointing to the large white statue of the Madonna he rescued from a skip outside a church in south London after some godless renovator threw it out.After spending the day unblocking the gutters and drains in the pouring rain, he wasn’t in the mood for a parking dispute.

I ordered two rum and cokes (normal, not spiced – we’re not complete Jezebels), and asked myself the question every speed dater sporting two X chromosomes must: why were we bothering to pay fifteen smackers to meet men when there were so many free ones lying about? Rhi had been out the night before, and could barely stop her eyes from shutting; if I still smoked, I would’ve propped them open with matchsticks.When we met Pearl towards the end of last year she was very much hoping to pay a visit to the theatre and relive some old memories.Although a spell of ill-health has put this on hold for a while, we’re hoping this will happen in the warmer weather.I waved to my friend Rhi, who was standing across the car park, shivering.Even though she had a job, she had spent the whole winter hypothermic, on account of being an optimist.

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