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But if you’re anybody who wants to stay somebody, you better be here.” After all, “The Breakfast Club” was in 54 national markets at the end of 2015, with an average growth of 33 percent in “measured metros.” Last year in New York alone, the show’s numbers rose 25 percent in the crucial 18-to-34 demo and 42 percent among the 25-to-54 graybeards.2 Chainz, the Atlanta rapper who recently appeared on the show, seconded Akon, explaining, “It is our Johnny Carson show. Can’t blow that off.” Still, even for “The Breakfast Club,” Kanye West, a god in his own right, was considered a major get when he entered the studio in November 2013. on a chilly early-sprıng morning, and Charlamagne Tha God was piloting his regal Jaguar across the George Washington Bridge from the wilds of Jersey.As if by Old Testament decree, the Manhattan skies lightened to welcome the King of the Hip-Hop Morning.We all know artists don’t make much money from albums anymore, so they have to make their money someway right?Find out what your favorite celeb charges (and barely charge) for an appearance when you read on…Celebs are now requesting ridiculous amounts of money to make public appearances these days. ) for an appearance, Nicki Minaj needs ,000 to spit her bubblegum raps on the mic and The O Jays want at least ,000 for some oldies but goodies.For starters, the Xbox One X will be fully backwards-compatible with Xbox One games – and offer improved performance on these titles to boot.

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Y., with Was producing -- will be his first for Blue Note in 45 years, with younger players like pianist Robert Glasper and trumpeter Keyon Harrold as well as saxophonist Joe Lovano sitting in with Smith's band.

these seem like prices they would charge in the US, but what about when they go across seas im sure they inflate their prices 5 fold...what would be the best estimate for some of these artists? For example my client Michael appearamce fee 500-1000 per appearance But the thing is: If he just show up a some kinda club or event. And give a speech to try to get them to buy more drinks there's a difference between there's a difference between performing and just making an APPEARANCE, they get paid that much to just be somewhere and host a party or something, T. is the self-proclaimed King but really, i guess he's real royalty cuz im wondering who would pay that much for him to appear somewhere, that fee may be a group rate seeing as how he keeps major baggage and a large posse with him at all times rider is a list of demands, basically of what they require before they'll perform, in addition to money.

im entertaining the idea of doin a summer jam festival type event in africa so im interested in their prices Just cause they appearance fee is set that high doesnt mean they always get paid that much. He get paid 0.00 to show up and another 0.00 to talk and mingle with the crowd. They're almost always really specific (bottle sizes, proper temperature, coke vs. Some examples of what could be on a rider: - bottled water - x amount of towels - alcohol - food - decorations of backstage area - type of music playing backstage she still performing night clubs like she did when she frst came out. heck ashanti is no where near her glory days and she still doing arenas and clubs And if most of y'all quit pirating their cds its wouldn't be this ridiculous...

Jeezy won’t step foot anywhere unless he’s getting ,000 PLUS travel expenses.

And one of the highest paid celebs for club appearances is T. You need just a minor 0,000 to guarantee the KING will be in attendance. Just cause they appearance is set that high doesnt mean they always get paid that much. He get paid 0.00 to show and another 0.00 to talk and mingle with the crowd.

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