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"Everything is for sale these days, and I'm hungry," the hacker said.

David Kennedy, CEO of cybersecurity firm Trusted Sec, said the stolen database is being offered for sale on several black market websites.

The Adult Friend Finder website appears to have been hacked, exposing the personal information of hundreds of millions of user accounts. I don’t want to be indelicate, so I’ll just tell you it’s strapline: “Hookup, Find Sex or Meet Someone Hot Now”. Still, it sounds nasty – and there clearly remains the potential for blackmail.

Fortunately, information about individuals’ sexual preferences do not appear to have been included in the exposed databases.

Curiously, was sold by Friend Finder Network Inc to a different company, Penthouse Global Media Inc., in February 2016, so some eyebrows may be raised as to how the hackers were able to steal information of Penthouse.com’s users from Friend Finder Network’s systems in October 2016.

Penthouse Global Media’s Kelly Holland told that her company was “aware of the data hack and we are waiting on Friend Finder to give us a detailed account of the scope of the breach and their remedial actions in regard to our data.” How did the hackers get in?

If confirmed, this would be the second embarrassing episode for the company.

California-based Adult Friend Finder, which calls itself a "dating, hookup and sex community" and boasts 63 million users worldwide, is investigating the breach and working with law enforcement.

reported last month that a vulnerability researcher known as “1×0123” or “Revolver” had uncovered Local File Inclusion (LFI) flaws on the Adult Friend Finder site that could have allowed access to internal databases.

It’s possible that other hackers might have used the same flaw to gain access.

It has been 10 years since our last review on AFPs, and much has changed since then.

One 'piece of paper' I'm happy to have off my desk top is the recent review on ice-binding proteins that appeared last month in Ti BS (doi:10.1016/20).

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