Peer block not updating Sex chat rooms in denver

I know that it will not need to download every time I start it up.

But I have noticed here that it is trying to download after checking that it needs to update.

Thank you all for bringing this issue to our attention.

Make sure to read the "Known Issues" sticky to see if your problem's already known (and maybe resolved), and also for what we need from you if we're going to be able to help!

You guys do a great job and I thank you for all of your work.

Ok, here is where I start with my issue that I am having right now with Peer Block.

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Is there a MOD out there that is going to comment on this or do you not know? Been a supporter for over 2 years and every time i seen or wrote a post it was responded to within 24 hours. So attempts to download lists from uk were downloading an older copy of their list files.In order to prevent Peer Block from hammering on list servers, prior to downloading a list we check the timestamp on that list.If the list hasn't been updated since the last time we downloaded it, we won't attempt to download it this time, either. Bluetack has now fixed this problem on their servers, and within an hour or so the correct updated lists should now be downloaded by Peer Block.Since Peer Block still defaults to using the old Peer Guardian lists hosted by Phoenix Labs, this means that Peer Block may not be able to update its lists.Even worse - especially since so many people have been downloading Peer Block this weekend - this means that Peer Block may not be able to download any lists when you first install it! Many people on the PG2 forums have been using i Blocklist lists for quite awhile now, and everybody seems extremely pleased with them.

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