Os x clock not updating

It will be more frequent when you first turn it on / connect to the net and then will connect at longer intervals when it has stabilized your clock enough.It does not only sync your current time and date, but also sync the actual clock speed.The old parable about the man with one clock knowing what time it is but the man with two never being sure...One server is an obvious "truechimer" always because there's nothing to invalidate it.You can solve this problem by going to System Preferences, under the System pane go to Date & Time.Once there, check the "Set date and time automatically" box.

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If you want the gory details, head on to wikipedia and to the NTP site. This is most useful when behind a firewall that blocks incoming traffic to privileged ports, and you want to synchronise with hosts beyond the firewall.The way we usually "fix" this is to simply go on the build server and update the time (either graphically by clicking the clock or in the command line), then the next build will succeed.In the preferences, the option "Set date and time automatically" is checked and the time server set is Apple Europe (apple.com).Check to see if the Mac is set to change your time automatically based on your location or not.If it is, and your Mac is showing the wrong time, continue through the steps below.

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