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The following are characters from the American soap opera General Hospital, who are notable for being the children of important characters.Introduced in various years, these children have played significant roles in a number of storylines over the years.Once settled in Greenwich (having moved from the backwater of Kenosha, Wisconsin), Simmons found himself surrounded by other leading industrialists and their heirs. Converse (founding president of Bankers Trust), Jeremiah Milbank (of the Borden Condensed Milk fortune), Herbert and Louisa Satterlee (she was the eldest daughter of J. Havemeyer), and Harriet Lauder Greenway (the daughter of George Lauder, a partner in Carnegie Steel). Phelps Stokes, an heir to the Phelps Dodge fortune, went a step further: he had a 16th-century Tudor manor house taken apart in England; then, wainscot by wainscot, peg by hand-carved peg, it was packed into 688 numbered cases, shipped across the Atlantic to Greenwich, and re-assembled.Longing for permanence and, above all, recognition, the newly rich residents of Greenwich built for themselves near replicas of Old World architectural glories: a copy of Versailles’s Petit Trianon, for example, and an homage to Britain’s Warwick Castle. Percy Rockefeller built a 64-room Georgian mansion.For more than a century, Greenwich, Connecticut, has attracted some of the biggest, newest, shiniest fortunes in America.Today that money comes from the trillion-dollar hedge-fund business, which occupies a third of the town’s office space, and whose managers are behind a decade of over-the-top real-estate deals, teardowns, and mega-mansions.

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The Baltimore Bullet's girlfriend is Megan Rossee, a 25-year-old LA-based model and frequent tweeter.After less than a year of dating, swimming superstar Michael Phelps and his girlfriend Megan Rossee have reportedly called it quits.According to TMZ, the 22-time Olympic medalist ended the relationship because he felt it "wasn't going anywhere" and wanted the opportunity to "pursue other options." Rossee -- a 25-year-old aspiring model-- and Phelps had been together since March, TV Guide reports.Like other titans of the era, Simmons and his wife, Frances, proceeded to build a manor house in Greenwich that would rival the palazzi and châteaux and stately homes of Europe.Simmons had made his fortune by revolutionizing “the nighttime furniture of the nation,” as his obituary phrased it; put simply, the Simmons Company developed the country’s first mass-produced mattresses. Rockefeller (their father co-founded Standard Oil), Louisine Havemeyer (the widow of “Sugar King” Henry O.

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