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On OKCupid, they do the work for you (or at least, they claim to).We learn very intimate things about a person not only before we decide to date them, but even before we decide to them.My research was neither as big nor as ambitious, but I learned some interesting things about Malaysian OKC users nonetheless.As usual, I started by sizing up the demographics of the pool. The shape of the curve itself is probably as most would expect it to be – that is, a lot of people in their 20s and early 30s on the site, and fewer as one gets older.

I'm not sure how they define "new", and sometimes you have to wonder about how they define "near", but "matches" pretty clearly means "people you might like". Ginsberg et al., Nature 457, 1012 (Feb 19, 2009).2. On Tinder, you match with people based on whether you’re attracted to each other’s photo.Also, I limited my data collection to OKCupid (OKC) users only.If you search further, you will find a lot of research done on OKC by its own users.

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