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Since then, essential evaluations of SIMS-SS have been presented, producing a sound basis for the new diffusion age equation.

They sequenced mitochondrial DNA, which is inherited through the maternal line, from a 120,000-year-old Neanderthal femur excavated from southwest Germany’s Hohlenstein-Stadel Cave in 1937.This sort of information helps archaeologists to put objects into an age sequence.Relative dating does not give archaeology absolute dates that can be tied into a calendar.Same lab, same spectrometer, same reference collection, same services, new director.Craig will still be maintaining his close association with Northwest Research but will be redirecting his focus to the U. Obsidian Source Catalog and to a variety of obsidian and FGV-related research projects. WEBSITE UPDATE: As part of the lab transition to new ownership, we're in the process of gradually moving pieces of the website around and you may occasionally run into some inconsistencies or links that don't quite take you quite where expected.

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