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They are most common in south-central Indiana and parts of northern Indiana, but there have been sightings recently in Hamilton, Johnson, Hendricks and other central Indiana counties.“Their population is increasing,” says DNR Conservation Officer Jet Quillen.Yes, you're right, I just mean​ that she probably wants more followers but not the porn type.I hope that she returns to the porn industry but I don't think that's gonna happen. I expect a photographer or agencies to take a look at her to see her in a catwalk or something else.Eventually the boy who cried "wolf" saw a wolf, right?Well, The Donald who cried "boycott" is finally actually boycotting a debate. Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Tuesday night that he is backing out of Thursday's primary debate in Des Moines, Iowa, which will be broadcast by Fox News Channel.

Thursday on CNN’s “New Day,” when asked about President Donald Trump’s press conference from Poland, network White House correspondent Jim Acosta accused Trump of holding a “fake news conference” for going off on CNN as fake news during the event."She will absolutely be on the debate stage on Thursday night." So there. At a campaign stop in Marshalltown, Iowa, later Tuesday, he initially told the crowd that he "probably won't bother doing the debate." Then his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, told The Washington Post that the brash billionaire had made up his mind."He's definitely not participating in the Fox News debate," Lewandowski said.We're talking about an ultimatum: Trump on the stage or Kelly at the desk. The real estate magnate hinted at playing this game of chicken on Monday. He told The Fix on Tuesday afternoon that if it came down to a choice between Trump or Kelly, he'd pick Kelly."Megyn Kelly is an excellent journalist, and the entire network stands behind her," Ailes said in a statement.

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