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you are faced with a decision to make: should you avoid it and not waste your time since you’ve heard the (ridiculous) idea that women are not funny? So, you are in the presence of four women who are most likely funnier, more talented, smarter, and sexier than you (it’s okay to feel intimidated).

Or should you give it a try and see if these women can wow you? Amy Schumer, Rachel Feinstein, Nikki Glaser, and Marina Franklin take you on a journey through their lives, struggles and opinions, while making you laugh from beginning to end.

And I was looking like Frederick Douglass that day. Some of you need to Google who Frederick douse lag is.

I don't want you to leave here like, wow, she really gave up.

That they're being bullied because I was not "black enough.” That was a painful journey, but humor was my survival from it. It comes from moments or things that happen in my life that I have strong views on and that can be eventually funny. My best jokes are not immediately funny; the good stuff evolves. I feel like my honesty connects in a funnier way and is a better joke. It is therapeutic on some level being self-investigating. Being honest means more of a connection for my audience. “I like your material because it's honest.” That vulnerability on stage, not everyone can do that.

Which is another reason why I felt I was meant do this. It's what I do and it feels good to see that people can relate to it. Your comedy has been described as self-investigating and honest. It takes years to capture that type of honesty, which comes from my acting background most likely. So they come from the show and they have a clear understanding of what it means to be me, as a black woman, and how we're not all one "type." Also, if I hear them repeating a joke or sound I make—that is the climax.

So I asked that question, I was like, are there black people here?

Like I did a show one time, we weren't at that show.

He then transitions into the idea that men expect women to be an audience, not competitors.

Similarly, when a female comedian takes the stage and .

Comedy critic Jason Heideman, of the Chicago Tribune, coined the term the “Big Five” of Stand Up Comedy.

I'm going to get that kind of fat like, like if they ever have to move me, they have to think about it. That end I'm going to sit on that man -- and then I'm going to sit on that man, I'm going to sit on him.

And I'm going to tell him, you ain't going nowhere. I like those men who are -- some of the men will never laugh at this because they're like, that happened to me.

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