Lime dating

If it's a match, you can start things off by sending one of three “Go” requests — “meet up now,” “go out for a coffee” or “grab a bite.” Actually having to go someplace part might be a turn-off to the super couch potatoes among us, but don't worry, you can also start an old-fashioned chat.

There seems to be a dating app for every overlapping interest, personality trait, and lifestyle these days.

"And the idea just came to me, wouldn’t it be a great idea to match couples with similar step counts, as it says a lot about a person by just looking at his/her weekly step counts, their walking habit pretty much shows their lifestyle...

Hypothetically, my daily average step is about 4,500.

Lime then goes deeper, matching your activity by time and day – are you moving more on evenings, weekdays, weekends, etc.

This increases your chances of finding a match and as the website explains, ‘results in you having more time to date’ …or eat pizza and watch true crime documentaries, whatever floats your boat.

Is your love or hatred of walking enough to build a relationship on? At worst, it can help you avoid pairing up with someone who loves to head out for a jog at the crack of dawn when you’d rather lounge in bed until noon.Mashable reports that Lime — which launched last month and already has about 5,000 users — is the first app to find you potential dates based on data from your i OS Health app.Creator Edward Chen told Mashable that dating someone whose activity level matches yours "gives you a lot more to talk about, but also more activities to do together.""I use the Apple Health App quite often to compare my steps with my friends'," Chen added in an interview with The Huffington Post.Despite the popularity of dating apps in recent years it seems there’s something missing.Apps like Tinder and Bumble have reduced “dating” to a lot of swiping and impersonal matching that rarely winds up in anyone actually meeting.

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