Kangta and park ji yoon dating scandal

) is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer, and stage actor.He is a member of the Korean pop group JYJ, and was one of the original members of boy band TVXQ. But lets just accept the reality that Suga had a girlfriend. I dont like it when fans try to wreck there favorite idols relationship just because they can’t. Omg :( Yoongi is my ultimate bias so whenever i see this news or "rumor" im hurt. Suga ~~~ its nice to know when they are in a relationship. Ha Myung group is not bad either, showing their skills whole-heartedly. That's why he has no friends [Revenge is prohibited. Just now I was saying that seeing the "thing" is prettier It's true, but still not good enough for television It's obvious that Chae Yeon taught her to say such a thing Chae Yeon is the prime suspect Yes [Kyung Lim's arch enemy, Chae Yeon seems to be telling Gyu Ri something] You! You keep yakking and yakking and yakking non-stop Well, although Bada looks good with light makeup She must also consider how the others feel (Implying that it's a torture for others to see her in light makeup) [Revenge is prohibited. [Face off between the senior and the junior of the Ballad world] [And Seung Gi jumps up first! He often treats me to dinner and drinks A very compassionate senior [A rare compassionate senior? ] [A major showdown] [Kang Team – Tony VS Kangta – Park Team] We have the 2 guys from H. T [NERVOUS] They seem to be dancing once they heard the song [AH! ] [The 20 year olds are all speechless] [The 30 year olds are extremely exhilarated] [It's really an instantaneous All Kill] [Now it's 1:1] And now, the crucial tiebreaker match for both teams The final group match begins! ] Haha, come back [One word from Kyung Lim and Haha goes crawling back] [But, Ho Dong is not going to let him off so easily] [Just then, Myung Soo falls to the ground and is disqualified] [And on the other end, Haha...] [Would rather just give up and get disqualified] Are you ok, Haha? Chae Yeon is taking advantage of you [A cat fight breaks out between Chae Yeon and Kyung Lim] Chae Yeon is making use of you No, it's not like that! [Sung Jin suddenly attacks] You so desperately want to hold my hands?

i’m not too sure, cause i already stalk her instagram account. X-Man's main man, Lee Seung Gi First he starts off with some warm ups Slowly it turns into a variety of moves But the moves seems to flow not so smoothly... It's about time now that you two should warm up to each other The return of the "I know" "I know" girl, Hwa yo bi She is doing moves that's not like a Ballad Queen's... A girl to watch out for in X-Man episode 59, Hwa Yo Bi!! Having alluring instinct that can't be hidden An always bright and beautiful girl Breezy, Breezy If Chae Yeon smiles, this place is even more like paradise Strength-filled team walk, Ha Myung First is Myung Soo's 8 beat dance Now is Ha Ha's "I won't die" dance Lastly is Kim Jong Gook's "Love is" dance This is a gift set from the Ha Myung Kook group Ah! ] A very "RARE" person, Lee Sung Jin Among the girls, Park Hwayobi is the most innocent But both you and Kyung Sang are the same How are we the same? But the dance is still good and handsome Of course gotta dance the Chae Yeon dance Satisfiying, Satisfiying Dancing with all his might too A guy who's mood is so good that he acts recklessly, Lee Sung Jin Pathetic and Touching Lee Sung Jin came out, of course Bada follows.. Myung Soo, don't tell me that you are planning to do that dance? You just congratulated him just now Your hair style... [Faints Faints] [The silly little girl, Park Hwayobi] [What is the hairstyle of 2006...] Regardless of what the hairstyle of 2006 is, Tony's hairstyle is definitely NOT it! im not being mean but i just hope that Suga is happy... whith her,and i just hope that she wont hurt him (T.

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