John frusciante currently dating

She married filmmaker Luc Besson at 22, then separated from him and is now divorced.

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Although Frusciante’s career is incredible, his love life is rather shattered. Source: Follow news Although Frusciante was already paying ,000 per month to his ex-wife, she demanded more stating that the money wasn’t enough to maintain her quality living.In 2008 Warpaint appeared from seemingly nowhere with a fully formed and unique psych-rock sound.Their raw and untamed talent saw the four-piece gain early critical acclaim, while their irresistible punk attitude cemented them as the music industry’s coolest kids.Journalists all ask the same questions, but it’s weird because it’s not even that they’re informed by each other. Certain albums are easier for me to listen to than others.Often it’s before the first round of press has come out, but they all find one idea and it seems to be the same idea. I am always surprised when I hear a song from an old album. I don’t get too nostalgic or pick apart the past too much, but I definitely hear our youth in our old production style.

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