Itune updating troubleshooting

To date the problem has been detected on systems with the following combinations of chipsets and operating systems: - Intel 815E chipset and Windows 2000 - Intel 845E chipset and Windows 2000 - Intel 850 chipset and Windows 2000 - Intel 860 chipset and Windows 2000 This issue can be corrected by completing either of the following: 1) Download and install the latest GEAR driver set. [↑] Please Note: Completely removing the GEAR driver set from your system may result in GEAR software applications and any applications using the GEARwrks API not being able to "see" any recorders.[↑] WARNING: Modifying the registry can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system.This allows apps like the Music app to continue playing music from the selected playlist even after you launch another app.Unfortunately, this can actually lead to some problems.

Pure Vinyl 4: please use the stand-alone version of Pure Music 3.0.6 for i Tunes Music Server mode.Unless you have reason to believe that your system requires the gearsec service (see below), you should use this version of the GEAR drivers.After updating to the latest version of Apple's i Tunes for Windows application, users report 'missing drives' with i Tunes.See: CD/DVD drives disappear after installing i Tunes [↑] There appears to be an incompatibility between older versions of the GEAR Software drivers and the Intel Application Accelerator with certain combinations of Intel chipsets and operating systems.To determine which Intel chipset is being used on the motherboard, download the Intel Chipset Identification Utility from Intel's website.

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