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This is achieved with a paddle that compresses the breast against a platform to produce images at various angles.The images are then produced on film or created digitally and stored on a computer. Im happy you have taken the time to read my profile... I especially I appreciate and cherish what I have and what I have lost. I enjoy the Outdoors, walking,driving or flying..country and world fasinate me...We provide pregnancy and gynaecology ultrasound examinations.To achieve this we apply a clear gel to the skin to allow a small hand-held probe to slide over your abdomen to produce images via sound reflected from the internal structures.

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Breast tissue is quite dense therefore a mammography unit is designed to increase the quality of the images without increasing the radiation.

Your examination will be performed by a sonographer who is specially trained and qualified in the use of diagnostic ultrasound.

We also have imaging assistants and receptionist in our team who provide administrative and other support to the sonographers.

I enjoy regular contact with the people I care about and am always interested in all parts of their life (good and bad).

I like to spend time with friends and family whether its for Looking to meet like minded women (who live locally) for friendship first but hopefully along the way I meet someone special.

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