Intimidating dog

Read More Cane Corso - History and Health History and Health of the Cane Corso Dog Breed: The Cane Corso was originally developed in Italy around the 1980'’s to serve as the guardian and powerful protector of people, possessions and property.

Read More Cane Corso - Temperament & Personality The Cane Corso dog breed has a personality and temperament that is docile, devoted, affectionate, and loyal.

Its response to other dogs will often seem intimidated and defensive — even before any other dogs “act out.” For instance, as soon as they are approached by another dog, they may cower or immediately roll on their back, exposing their belly and showing submission.

Dogs that get picked on “in public” may otherwise be happy and well-adjusted at home, but they may also display signs of being overly submissive.

A guard dog or watch dog (not to be confused with the attack dog) is a dog used to guard against, and watch for unwanted or unexpected people or animals.

The dog is discriminating so that it does not annoy or attack familiar people.

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If your dog displays overly submissive behaviors like rolling on its back or urinating in an interaction, it’s best to avoid eye contact, ignore your dog and walk away when such behaviors occur.If your “wimpy kid” dog is otherwise content and confident at home and with people, it’s not a bad idea to get it some social training — either at an obedience school or with well-balanced, well-led dogs who can help it feel safe among peers.#10 Bernese Mountain Dog We can thank the Swiss for many great things: fine chocolate, luxury watches, and the Bernese Mountain Dog.The Cane Corso, also known as the Cane Corso Italiano, Cane Corso Mastiff, Italian Corso Dog, Italian Mastiff and Italian Molosso, is an imposing, intelligent and often intimidating dog whose sheer size and overall appearance cause one to sit up and take notice.It gets its name from the Latin word cohors, which means “guardian” or “protector.” This is one of two Italian mastiff-type breeds that descend from the Roman Canis Pugnax, also called the Canis Pugnases or Roman Molossian.

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