How to stop dating someone

I felt kinda bad for not replying my date's texts. She told me that it could have been better if he had at least told her he did not have any romantic feeling for her or so.

I once went out on two dates with someone in my school. I was not really interested but I felt that I should give myself and this guy sometime to see where this could lead to. Even if I had not had any feeling for him, I should have told him about it and called it off rather than let him hang around.Whether you’ve gone out on one date or three (or perhaps you haven’t even made it to the first date but have had some form of communication) it is always difficult to know how to proceed when you decide you no longer wish to pursue someone romantically.Men get a bad rep for being “assholes” when they don’t call or text and seemingly “disappear”, however, women are just as guilty of doing the same. Right after the date, I knew we were not going to work out.When you’re dating casually – whether you’ve been on one date, or five – it’s difficult to know what to do once you’ve made the decision that you don’t wish to pursue the other person further, romantically at least.

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