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From the early 9th century, the territory of the country which is today known as The Netherlands was part of Frisia, which covered the whole coastal area from southern Denmark in the east to Flanders in the west.

"Frisia" should be distinguished from "Friesland", which is the current name of the northern province of The Netherlands.

Sundays – pm Children from age 3 through 4th grade are dismissed early from our worship service for an age appropriate worship experience.

A Bible story and response time create a structured yet imaginative setting to begin forming worship identity.

Frisia marked the northern boundary of the kingdom of Austrasia, although it is unclear how much of the territory was effectively controlled by the Merovingian Frankish kings.

The pacification process must have been slow and subject to setbacks.

In general, the clothing in our festival represents styles of the mid 1800s through the mid 1900s.

The Netherlands is divided into 12 provinces, 8 of which are represented in costume by the dancers in our festival.

Many people are curious as to how the costumes are made and their cost.

If the dancer or a family member makes the costume they will save money in seamstress fees.

Total costume costs, including seamstress fees, shoes and all accessories range from 0-0 per costume.

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