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They are recklessly wandering toward online voting despite their high vulnerable to hacking and manipulation by cyberspace clowns, partisans, enemies, or all three.

Something is rotten in the state of our electronic voting practices.

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At the very least, have a strict policy that all screens are turned off a half hour or more before bed.

Set boundaries according to your family values and stick to them.

Once you establish your rule set, post it on the refrigerator or other public area so there’s no argument about the rules. Discuss their interests and understand your child’s motivations.

Because of their long view, their leadership was transformative.

The way we're going to serve him is by not sitting at home when it's time to get out and be a voice and go vote. President Trump has made it very clear that China has not been effective in curbing Kim Jong-un's rogue regime. Trump made a big show at Mar-a-Lago and in subsequent meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping of giving Beijing the space to solve the situation and show the world that America was leaving no stone uncovered in the quest to denuclearize the Korean peninsula.

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