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We already know that Kristen is throwing herself full pelt into her career, and traveling all over the world so she doesn’t risk running into Rob at one of their shared haunts in Los Angeles.However, Kristen probably didn’t expect Rob to as apathetic to her situation as he’s being.Edward led me to the arcade room and I instantly spotted Mike, Jessica, Tyler, Lauren, Eric, and Angela by the dance machine.I didn't know they were here and this would mean instant questions from Jessica, glares from Lauren, and looks from all the guys. "Great" I whispered and Edward laughed "Do you want to leave? "No" I said, it had taken me forever to convince him to come, I wasn't going to let my friends ruin it."I'm not going to act like a little kid riding on this while you laugh at me in front of my friends Edward" I said and he laughed again "Well, there goes not letting them see us" he whispered and it took me a second to understand, they saw us. " I asked and he laughed "Who other than Mike Newton" he said and I rolled my eyes. It was dome that he considered Mike as a rival if he already had me."Edward behave, for me, no playing with my friends, and to get along" I whispered and he looked at me with an amused expression "No promises" he said just as Jessica walked up to me holding Mike's hand with a tribal look of jealousy, content, and surprise, Angela smiling, Lauren glaring (of course) and all the guys glaring at Edward.It's understandable, given that she suffered from "debilitating physical anxiety" during her teens and early 20s.

VISIT IT: J-14's ALL ABOUT THE TWILIGHT SAGA The restaurant has been open since the spring of 1996, but it wasn't until the first book was published in 2005 that it turned into a pop culture institution.

Nobody forced her to have an affair with her married director, Rupert Sanders.

Nobody forced her to hook up with Rupert in broad daylight, and nobody forced her to publicly apologize for the affair and humiliate herself and Rob in the process.

In just over nine months in 2009, they had served more than 4,500 bowls of the Bella's Mushroom Ravioli, described as "In creamy besciamella with Olympic Forest mushrooms." Now they've served more than 10,000 bowls -- and are about serve even more now that you can buy the famous mushroom ravioli at your local market as a ready-to-heat frozen entrée.

FOLLOW J-14 MAGAZINE ON TWITTER The J-14 Magazine staff taste-tested the meal ourselves and it officially gets our J-14 seal of approval.

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