Describe yourself your dating profile

Many people may have an apprehensive approach to this idea, that with weirdos stalking these dating websites.

You need to know how to separate the genuine men/women that you can get to know, from those you need to keep a good distance from.

Examples to Describe Yourself on a Dating Site With these tips for 'describing yourself online, you'll be prepared with a profile that is equally expressive and magnetic.

Here's how you can take on examples of writing a profile for online dating, and use it to your advantage.

Then substitute the word "motivated." Never take credit for things you are to do--or be. Give us something real so your innovation is unspoken but evident... "Creative." See particular words often enough and they no longer make an impact. (Go to Linked In and check out some profiles; "creative" will appear in the majority.) "Creative" is just one example. "Guru." People who try to be clever for the sake of being clever are anything but.

Do you write things about yourself you would never have the nerve to actually say? Here are some words that are great when used by other people to describe you, but you should never use to describe yourself: "Motivated." Check out Chris Rock's response (not safe for work or the politically correct) to people who say they take care of their kids. Don't pretend to be, because customers don't care about unique; they care about "better." Show how you're better than the competition and in the minds of customers you will be unique.

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Creatively Construct Your Headline If the website you've signed into, has a headline option, that is; a single line that opens up at the top of the profile page, then here's your chance to make it eye-catching.

So try not to bore them like the people they would actually meet in real life.

Women are drawn to men who are strong, confident and with a brash of masculinity that would have them fantasizing in an instant about having sex with you. But do not be crude about it like most men would by posting an obscene picture or showing off your puny muscles.

Unless you can prove it, "social media marketing authority" just means you spend a ton of time on Twitter. some of those terms truly may describe you, but since they're also being used to describe everyone else they've lost their impact. Same if you're passionate about developing long-term customer solutions. it's awesome when your customers affectionately describe you in that way, but when you do it it's apparent you're trying way too hard.

"Authority." If you have to say you're an authority, you aren't. "Presenter at SXSW" or "Delivered TED Talk at Long Beach 2010" indicates a level of authority. Others include extensive, effective, proven, dynamic, influential, team player, collaborative... Tweeting links to stuff you find interesting doesn't make you a curator... "Passionate." Say you're incredibly passionate about incorporating an elegant design aesthetic in everyday objects and--to me at least--you sound a little scary. Don't be a self-proclaimed ninja, sage, connoisseur, guerilla, wonk, egghead...

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