Dating services pet owners

The startup will launch to the general public in the next couple of weeks, and Venture Beat caught up with founder Darrell Lerner to get an advance look.

Lerner said All Paws is like a dating service for pet adoption.

It is a very backward industry.” 6 to 8 million animals enter shelters every year, and 3 to 4 million are euthanized.

There are a number of reasons for this — too many animals don’t get spayed or neutered, animals get lost without identification, or people don’t realize the financial and time commitment involved in caring for a pet.

Many of the sites encourage users to bring their dogs on first dates to break the ice or size up canine chemistry.

Pet health insurance continues to be an area of growth as pet owners seek additional ways to ensure their pet’s well-being.It suggests that dog owners prefer looking at their pets rather than at their partners, at least when it comes to screensavers and profile pictures.The survey involved 1,407 dog owners and 86% of them reported that they used their pet as their screensaver rather than anything else in their life.There are millions of pets out there who need a home and people to love.All Paws entered private beta today, opening its online pet search service to 10,000 pre subscribers who want to adopt.

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