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– and of course it wouldn’t have been composed the way it is for a different instrument.I suppose the case for not regarding it as off-limits to pianists rests on the fact that so much of it seems to have been conceived in extra-harpsichord terms.With so much experience playing music of the Baroque, you’d expect something highly personal from Hewitt.Even in a sonata as well known as the lilting Kk9, we hear it afresh, with no turn of phrase going unconsidered.

Which is true, but there are classical pieces which get their power the same way as many pop songs, ie obsessing away at one thing with blinding clarity.Hewitt reveals its Palestrina-esque elements, while Pletnev shapes its lines with great freedom.In the same key, Kk27 is one of Scarlatti’s greatest sonatas, and Hewitt lays bare every detail, though to my mind Queffélec is the more instinctive musician, though that’s true of Sudbin too.Yet even they should perhaps give pause before rejecting such vitally alive musicianship.The opening ‘Fuga’, Kk417, becomes a miniature symphony in scope, from its fervently enunciated opening scale through to the Sudbin-enhanced orchestral richness of its closing moments.

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