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Girlfriend / Wife Nicknames (G-P) Here are great nicknames for the girl in your life Submit your Own Tip little wifemy hubby calls me "my little wife" o mama, mayb coz i was a size 8 b4 we ...Read Full Tip for little wife Pumpkin Sparkle My girl loves this one...There you are, just cuddling with each other and your lover babbles out a very funny barely pronounceable word, most probably based out of your antics or body parts.[Read: 25 biggest relationship rules for successful love] There’s one moment of silence, followed by a chortle of laughter or a grin of embarrassment. You obviously don’t want your friends to know your pet name, so you’re probably going to tell your lover something like, “Just don’t call me ‘Perky Nips’ in front of my friends, okay, Hungo? This is a common one to use among friends, as well – at least the female version.

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Your instincts recreate a scenario where you feel like a blissful baby, lost for words and feel euphoric and helpless, just like how you babble when you’re drunk!

[Read: How to have a perfect new relationship] Why not just call your lover by their name?

Many single people ask this question and wonder aloud. When you really like something like a soft toy or someone like a lover, you want to cuddle and sink into that person or thing.

Read Full Tip for Abercrombieabercrombie stud.i call him that because he has wash board abs that are ... Accushla I call my GF Accushla because "I Love You" just isn't enough to describe how i ...

Read Full Tip for Accushla Ads/Bebe I call my boyfriend Ads because it,s just a nickname. Read Full Tip for Ads/Bebe Ally Bear I call him ally bear because his name is Dallas and his ex called him dally so ...

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