Dating my singer sewing machine

Many of them were based on a Singer class 15 machine, and are commonly known as "Singer Clones" - read a bit more about them here. If your sewing machine looks a lot like these machines but has an off brand name, chances are you have a generic or clone machine.

The overall condition of your machine is one of the biggest factors in estimating a value.

You most likely have a Model 15 Series machine but there are several styles which we now have to determine.

around the late 1950's on-ward, most Singer Sewing Machines had their Model Numbers clearly visible on the front or base of most machines.You can try visiting your nearest BERNINA store to find out if they can help, you might get lucky and find an authorized BERNINA Technician that's been around forever and knows all about the older models.Or you can look at this brief history of BERNINA sewing machines at to see if you can find a similar model to yours.Just answer the simple questions about your machine by clicking on the answer links and hopefully you will be able to identify it. If you are unsuccessful you can email me with a clear picture of your machine and its serial number.2.You have indicated that the Tension Adjustment Knob is on the Left Side of the Head pointing LEFT.

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