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Business and adventure literally fall his way as Aaron sets about creating identities, bases of operations, and a client base; all accomplished with the guidance of his partner Steve Austin.Anyhow, I have reassigned 'A Caribbean Adventure' to ECSO 2.The novel-length adventures I am working on thus far are numbered: My intent is to take many of the core characters introduced in A Caribbean Adventure and further develop their destinies in each of the other stories as well as introduce some additional characters as we go. Already a French Prostitute has been named to play the part of Mary Magdalene, with who Christ has a blatant affair. Following these efforts at verification, a statement was read on the air saying that although the attorney general had received between two and three thousand letters over a period of several weeks concerning the supposed gay-Jesus movie, no evidence could be found that such a project ever existed. We urge you to take proper action against this moral corruption. and had been in touch with the Alabama Attorney General’s office.

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