Confidence dating men

As a result, they lose out on the reciprocity effect.” People with low self-esteem also tend to view other people through the same dark lens they use on themselves, focusing on the negatives of whomever they’re with.Sure, anyone with a rudimentary grasp on evolutionary psychology would expect the Average Woman to love a confident man.

Apparently, a fellow conference attendant attempted to ask her out in an elevator for coffee at 4am (in a shy, "geeky" manner).My perspective encourages men to be active and assertive.In fact, it is my opinion (and one of the principles of my approach) that all individuals are entitled to be assertive about their needs, wants, and desires.There’s another much larger pool of men who can be confident if the woman creates an environment where that confidence can flourish.I believe that most men can be confident, but for whatever reason, they’ve lost that along the way.

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