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But other cherishing mind, altruistic mind, imagine one day of that. So imagine that if you don’t lie, if you don’t lie, you will be born with a speech that is melodious, pleasant, good words, captivating, very clear, the point is brought across. To make them realize what is going on in them and what is really the purpose of life. And using the speech to destroy delusion, using the speech to destroy the very causes that make people – themselves and other people – unhappy. Even people who have nasty motivation, but if they are very good in their speech, they can make things move.

In fact having yoga ruin your life is a huge relief.

And best of all, who you really are shines through.

Imagine one lifetime of not lying, of not working for the benefit of oneself. Imagine a person who uses their speech like that, lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime. So if you are there in your intelligence, if you’re there in this intelligence, you’re there in this intelligence – when they speak, it will hit you at your level and you will understand it at your level.

Imagine a whole lifetime of ethics, morality, compassion. In changing people’s lives, from self-ingratiating activities that bring harm and unhappiness to themselves and the ones they love, to benefit for themselves, and others and everyone. Some examples of the power of speech of a Buddha, which you can get into more detail in the Lamrim, is when they speak, although they speak one subject, one word, whatever your level of intelligence, it will penetrate your mind and it will hit you.

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