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College athletics makes up a significant part of not only your college experience but of the national sports obsession.Coaches are paid millions of dollars and receive hefty bonuses for performing well in national championships and bringing major attention and funding to their schools.Sky guard Epiphanny Prince, who was leading the WNBA in scoring before she broke her right foot June 16, says she plans to return when the team resumes play Aug. "I'm doing pretty well," Prince said Thursday during a team event at Joe's Sports Bar.

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Fowles, reigning WNBA defensive player of the year, underwent arthroscopic surgery March 8 in Chicago to repair a labral tear and an impingement in the right hip.

Mutch is married and he and his wife just had a baby this fall.

The situation apparently came to light when the player in question failed to erase some sexually explicit text messages on her cell phone before giving her phone to a teammate.

She took on so much responsibility so fast that she questioned what her iconic coach was doing.“I thought, ‘This woman is going to kill me. When Gunter’s health didn’t allow her to finish the 2003-04 season, Chatman stepped in and took the Tigers to a Final Four. If she had stayed, maybe the entire history of women’s college basketball would have been different.

Maybe LSU would have interrupted the Connecticut dynasty.

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