Australian dating tv show

The directors; Jessica Hobbs, Matthew Saville, Tony Ayres and Robert Connolly, directed two episodes each.

Follows the stories of the four men of the Kirby family.

The process culminates with hometown visits to the families of the final few women, overnight dates, should they choose to accept, at exotic locations with the final three women, and interaction with the bachelor's family with the final two women.

In many cases, the bachelor proposes to his final selection.

Details about the revelation are scarce but the show has been billed as a 'landmark television event' to be broadcast on Channel 7 in Australia this weekend.

It comes as Maddie's parents prepare to mark the 10th anniversary of their daughter's disappearance. Kate and Gerry Mc Cann have urged the documentary-makers to hand over their evidence to police 'immediately', according to the Daily Star.

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