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‘It’s been three years since it last happened – or maybe four. Since going through the menopause, I really don’t miss it. I’d rather have a cup of tea or read a book – in fact, I’d rather do anything than that! But, behind closed doors, a lot of women find that despite all the age-defying articles and products currently available on the market, biology has other plans for their body post-menopause.

Numerous studies show that, put simply, people have less sex as they get older – and women have considerably less than men.

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Sarah has been married to Tony for 41 years – and, all in all, their relationship is solid.

For them, sex first dwindled and then petered out completely over the past decade. Maybe he resents it, maybe he’s resigned to the situation. Their libido hit the floor when the menopause came, and not only are they reluctant about sex, they actively don’t want it.’This is not something we’re encouraged to accept in a world where we’re constantly told that if our sex lives aren’t sparkling, we’re somehow missing out – and where celebrities such as ’s Kim Cattrall are telling us that ‘50 is the new 40’ and that the menopause ‘was an awakening’.

We received more than 2,000 answers to our unscientific poll, and as of p.m.

Katie’s experience is certainly not unique: In the general population, one out of six women has survived a rape or attempted rape, according to statistics from RAINN.

But for women with intellectual disabilities (ID), the stats are even more sobering: About 25% of females with ID referred for birth control had a history of sexual violence, while other research suggests that almost half of people with ID will experience at least 10 sexually abusive incidents in their lifetime, according to The Arc, an advocacy organisation for people with intellectual disabilities.

They have three adult children and dote on their two grandchildren (with another on the way).

They enjoy walking weekends and canal boat holidays together; they have hobbies both separate and shared (Sarah’s book group, Tony’s cricket, a bit of tennis, local politics).

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